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Managing the Healthcare Professional

Managing the Healthcare Professional is a guide that goes against current views stressing the need for uniform treatment of personnel.

Rather, Charles McConnell suggests that successful management of healthcare employees best occurs when the environment recognizes employees as professionals who possess an important mixture of characteristics that make the individuals truly unique.

He suggests that high performance is most likely when manager-employee relationships strive to address this uniqueness.

To support this position, McConnell describes specific points of departure in how professionals approach their jobs, how they relate to their organization and its objectives, and how they respond to a manager's leadership.Healthcare professionals who have recently assumed managerial positions are most likely to find the book beneficial. However, too many pages seem devoted to topics of narrow interest at times. As an example, nearly 20 pages are devoted solely to unions.

Also, some confusion as to appropriate audience occurs because some of the book's chapters are very basic and other chapters assume the reader understands the terminology used. As an example, in the second chapter, pages are devoted to describing technical and professional occupations and required training. This is very basic information that one would typically expect to find in an appendix to the chapter...

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